Dog Training – Enjoyable Dog Obedience Training Techniques

Most people shy away when they think of training a dog. Unlike human beings who easily grasp ideas, it takes a considerably long time with a lot of repetition to be able to successfully train a dog. If you aren’t aware, training a dog is a very enjoyable activity. I know you are eager to know just how to train your dog while enjoying the experience. This is a possibility. Remember, dogs vary in characteristics and the owner is required to employ various methods to gauge the dog’s response to the different methods.

One of the most enjoyable methods is reward training. This is a strategy that positively reinforces the training. The method involves giving commands to your dog which are followed by rewards for the ones well followed. It sounds unbelievable that a dog can acknowledge rewards, but this is a reality that anyone training a dog must be aware of. One of the popular examples of reward training is clicker training.

When a dog under training performs an act as commanded by a trainer/owner, a clicker sound is produced acknowledging the action. At the beginning of clicker training, a treat always accompanies the click. This gives your dog knowledge that it’s the click he desires to hear. After a while, you can take away the treats and the clicker’s sound will be enough to serve as reinforcement. Treats provide great support to the training. To make it more enjoyable and achieve amazing results, patting on the dog’s head or producing an excited voice is recommended. Most dog training types use reward training and success greatly depends on treats used. If you use appropriate treats in treat-based training, it will be the desire of your dog to spend more time learning.

Another fantastic training method is the agility training. A good number of dogs enjoy this technique. This is a dog obedience training technique that requires a high level of discipline from the dog to achieve any success. The technique is not favorable for large dogs. This technique involves setting up an agility lesson or course requiring the dog to concur the obstacles in a set time frame. Such obstacles may comprise crawling through tunnels, jumping over fences, climbing walls among other related obstacles. The owner’s presence is vital and no other help apart from issuing commands should be offered to the dog. Before the training begins, leasing guidance to your dog is necessary. This instills a high level of obedience in dogs because they realize the importance of listening to their masters and also teamwork skills. This method has gained immense popularity and is now employed by most dog training schools.

Dog obedience training techniques are very necessary to your dog and can be found online. Dog training should not only cross your minds when you realize an unbearable behavior in your dog, but should be taken as perquisite for your dog. The techniques mentioned above are just but some of the most enjoyable dog training methods.

Source by Dan Licamara

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