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Dog obedience training is important as it allows you and your dog to establish a solid foundation from which you can effectively relate to each other. Below are some general dog obedience tips that every dog owner should know.

One important tip when it comes to dog obedience training is to never demand your dog to do something that they can easily evade. This is because you will only frustrate them by being over-demanding with your many commands and strictness. Instead, you should try to respect your dog’s behavior as you begin the obedience training.

Another important aspect of obedience training is always ensuring that you positively reinforce your dog’s good behavior. You may do this by giving them rewards such as treats or toys, showing them affection by petting them, as well as by showering them with verbal praise. Positive reinforcement is essential in encouraging your dog to follow your directions on how to behave, as well as helping to cement the bond between dog owner and dog.

While obedience training your dog, it is important to avoid punishing or scolding them. This is because punishment only fills them with fear and negative feelings towards you, thereby harming rather than helping your relationship. Instead, you should focus on verbally praising them for their good performance.

A good way to effectively obedience train your dog is by penalizing them when they do not act as you want them to. This however does not mean punishing them, but instead taking an action that your dog does not particularly like. Penalizing may take the form of jerking their leash, or stopping mid-journey while he’s on the leash, or even simply ignoring your dog for sometime. This works psychologically on your dog by sending them on a guilt trip which will make them thereafter want to fix things and please you by behaving according to your wishes.

Source by Jeremy Rupke

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