Do You Realize Just How Bad Water Pollution In America Really Is?

Water pollution in America has been a problem for many years. Although some action has been taken, researchers continue to find toxic chemicals in samples taken out of sources from which people regularly drink. What effect is this having on American’s health? The answer may be difficult to swallow.

Scientists are unsure about what kind of long-term damage is being done by the traces of hazardous chemicals routinely consumed by millions of Americans. It is relatively easy to determine how much of a toxin it takes to cause poisoning.

Basically, scientists give lab rats ever increasing doses of the toxins until the lethal dose is arrived at. From that dose, they calculate the amount per pound of body weight that the animal consumed. That figure is used to estimate an equivalent amount that would be toxic to humans.

Those kinds of extrapolations have been used for decades to arrive at maximum safe levels for various kinds of contaminants known to be present in the typical drinking water supplies. The Environmental Protection Agency is responsible for setting and publishing those standards. Local treatment facilities are responsible for testing samples and publishing the results.

Water pollution in USA areas is known to cause problems for plants, fish and other wildlife. Human activity is to blame. So, what do we do?

We can be aware that the standards set by the EPA are estimates. If the published results from the treatment facilities come anywhere close to those maximum contaminant levels, we should be aware of the risks.

Learning everything that we can about which contaminants are most dangerous and how we can avoid them is something we can do to protect the health of our families. Being careful not to contribute to the water pollution in USA areas or anywhere else in the world is another.

We can petition the government to crate tougher regulations for industry and be serious about enforcing them. We can elect lawmakers that care about the environment.

On a daily basis, we can install good home water purifiers. There are excellent models capable of removing all traces of the chemicals that have researchers worried about long-term health problems.

Of course, not all purifiers are that effective. It is important to read the performance data for products you are considering and choose the ones that remove the most pollutants.

Hopefully, water pollution in America will become a thing of the past at some point in the future. But today, things are actually getting worse.

Protecting your family is the best you can do right now.

Source by Gordon P Hall

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