Different Uses of a CCTV Camera System

A CCTV camera system can be used for many different things. Many times CCTV is related to security and traffic. These systems can be found for large facilities and have also been altered to be able to be used for smaller properties and areas. These systems work by sending a direct feed to a fixed receiver. These are very difficult to break into.

Many times you will notice CCTV cameras that are used to monitor traffic. Most drivers think they are used for speed traps but actually they are used strictly to monitor traffic or to send information to your GPS system. Most of the CCTV found monitoring traffic is actually owned by private companies and not the police.

Certain companies may use CCTV to monitor operations in which the environment is not safe for humans. These tend to be used a lot in the chemical industry. They will monitor the different rooms and everything can be seen from a central control room.

The first industry that developed CCTV was the military as they were used to record rocket launches. These cameras are still used for rocket launches as they monitor stage separation in space and are also used to determine the different possible causes associated with malfunctions.

Many stores and businesses will use CCTV as security and these systems can also be used in your home. They can easily be customized to fit any property. They are also very affordable for business as they can be used to monitor the entire property with only one or two individuals needed to watch the feeds.

CCTV camera systems are also found in public areas and can be used to take pictures of individuals and then identify them. Many individuals look at this as an invasion of privacy but the police and governments have been successful at finding and stopping terrorists, murderers and thieves using CCTV camera systems.

Source by Daffyd Wheatley

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