Declare WAR And Lose Abdominal Fat Fast! (Your 3 Key Weapons To Fight Your 2 Primary Enemies)

War, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing… unless you want to destroy that stubborn belly fat! If you want to lose abdominal fat fast, then you must have a battle plan and the right weapons to annihilate this annoying fat that just seems so hard to get rid of. If you want to know who your primary enemies are and the 3 key weapons that will destroy them, join me in the situation room and let’s map out a battleplan!

Alright, to lose that stubborn belly fat (and to of course help lose total body fat and drop pounds as well), then you first need to know your 2 primary enemies.

Your 2 primary enemies are food cravings and hunger pangs! Why is that? Well, think about it: If you didn’t get food cravings and you didn’t have hunger pangs and were able to eat reasonably portioned meals, then…

Now, the most important thing to always keep in your mind at all times when dieting is that you can not fight food cravings and hunger pangs head on! That’s like going into battle without a weapon or blindfolded! When you try to fight cravings and hunger pangs head on, what ends up happening is you’ll for one deprive yourself (and that’s never a good thing), and secondly, you’ll increase the likelihood of you giving in and giving up all together!

Okay, now it’s time to arm yourself and get ready for a battle you are certain to win!

To win this war so that you can lose abdominal fat, total body fat, and drop those stubborn pounds, your 3 key weapons are:

The Sunriser

This powerful weapon must be used every morning… WITHOUT FAIL… if you want to get amazing results and fight off those hunger pangs and cravings! The sunriser is a good and hearty breakfast! If you eat a good breakfast every morning, then you will least likely have cravings and hunger pangs later in the day.

An ideal breakfast will include a large amount of protein (such as eggs or Greek yogurt), a moderate amount of fiber (such as an apple or oats), and vitamins/minerals (such as a small amount of fruit).

The Raw Dog

Your next weapon in the arsenal to successfully defeat cravings and hunger is snacking on raw veggies… throughout the ENTIRE day! Raw veggies (such as celery, cucumbers, and carrots for example) have high water content, they’re low in calories, they have a good amount of fiber, and they are quick and easy. If you eat them throughout the day, you will find yourself feeling pretty satisfied all day long.

The Liquid RPG

The final weapon is the knock out blow! The sunriser and the raw dog are VERY important weapons in your arsenal, but this last weapon, if used properly, will be the final blow and will certainly help you fight away those 2 primary enemies without fail. This weapon is the liquid RPG… better known as WATER! If you drink at least 1/2 your body weight in ounces of fresh water CONSISTENTLY throughout the day, you will certainly find yourself craving bad foods less and less, and your hunger pangs will certainly go away!

Bottom line, DO NOT try to fight cravings and hunger pangs head on by just ignoring that piece of cheese cake you want so bad or just acting like your stomach isn’t screaming at you right now! Arm yourself with those 3 proven weapons above and you’ll find yourself with a flatter stomach, a skinnier waistline, and a body you have always wanted… in no time!

Source by Avy Barnes

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