Data Science,Mining and Analytics are the most demanded domains currently in the industry. An amalgamation of real-world experience and accurate skill sets can be advantageous for you to achieve a career in these three domains which are trending.

What is Data Science?

It deals with big data which also includes cleaning of data, analysis of data and its preparation. Data is gathered from multiple sources by a data scientist who applies sentiment analysis, machine learning and predictive analysis so that a critical information is extracted from the gathered data sets. They try to understand it from a business attitude and provides accurate insights and predictions which is used to power important business decisions.

What are the skills required to be a Data Scietist?

To build a career in this field, one should have efficient skills in these three departments: programming, domain knowledge and analytics. In programming you need to have a strong knowledge in Python, R, Scala, Julia and Java. You must be able to understand several analytical problems. In SQL, you need to have hands-on experience. And a brief knowledge in Machine Learning.

What is Data Analytics?

The process of studying the sets to conclude about what information they possess with the help of software and specialized systems. These techniques and technologies are used widely in commercial industries which enables all organizations to construct more-informed decisions in business. A Data Analyst can visualize and do some descriptive statistics. They must possess a basic grasp in statistics, a fine understanding of databases, must be capable of creating new views and the recognition to view data. Data Analytics is considered as the primary level

What are the skills required to be a Data Analytics?

A data analyst must have the ability to take a certain topic or question and describe the look of the data and show that data to stakeholders in a company. These four skills are a must if you want to become a data analyst:

  • Fluent grasp of Python and R
  • Data wrangling
  • Understanding in PIG/HIVE
  • Brief knowledge in Mathematical Statistics

What is Data Mining?

The process of collecting information from large databases that had been unknown and indecipherable and using this information to make business decisions. The basic goal of data mining is the extraction of information from various data sets and transforming it into an understandable and proper structure for future use. It can also be termed as the convergence of other fields like machine learning, pattern recognition, statistical studies, visualization of data etc. This process is used by machine learning experts and data scientists to translate data sets into something useful.

What are the skills required to be a Data Mining Specialist?

To be a Mining specialist, one needs to have a unique combination of business, interpersonal and technological skills. To be a master in Mining, you need to master these following areas:

  • Good experience in operating system, mainly LINUX
  • Must be familiar with some of these data analysis tools such as SAS, Hadoop, SQL and NoSQL
  • Experience with Python, Peri and Java.

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