Controlling Weather Trends

As we watch the 2005 Atlantic Hurricane season come to a close Mother Nature has taught us another lesson. Take nothing for granted and we are now listening loud and clear. Indeed, such extreme weather has pushed scientist to develop better systems to predict and monitor the weather. In doing so we have learned enough now to use this knowledge to control it.

Controlling the weather patterns will require some skill, some talent, large collected databases, supercomputer number crunching and lots of trial and error. We will also need to let lose of some of the current mathematics we use to track weather in trade for multi-stacked equational computational analysis or a different type of math based on a new type of science. Which may lead us to the grand unification we seek.

As scientists and researchers will learn there will be places where weather is easily studied and relatively easily controllable using very little energy and using the actual wind currents with minor changes in certain situations, which are made possible by the terrain itself.

We are so close to controlling the weather that we may in fact only have one or two more significant Hurricane Seasons to deal with, before we figure out how to stop these massive storms. Some are already discussing attacking them as they form or figuring out ways to steer them to uninhabited or low-density population shorelines to protect from major catastrophes like Super Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Think on this and the future of our civilization; A world safe from Hurricanes.

Source by Lance Winslow

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