Choosing the Right Pillow – Why Memory Foam May Be Right For You

What do you look for in your pillow? Do you like it fluffy, soft, hard, thick? Chances are, you just like the one that lets you sleep through the night. Healthy Americans sleep 8 hours per night. All those hours add up…that’s 2,920 hours of rest per year! It’s no wonder why choosing the right pillow is so important.

Why is it important, though? What does your pillow have to do with how you feel when you wake up? Everything!! From back problems to neck cramping, labored breathing to snoring, the issues that can arise during the night are many and varied. Fortunately, most of these problems are curable. Nip all of them in the bud today by choosing the right pillow.

Memory foam was designed by NASA in the 1970s to enhance airline pilot seat cushions with the goal of absorbing shock. Though NASA never used the material, it has many practical applications. The foam uses heat to contour around whatever weight is bearing against it. In the case of memory foam pillows, the material contours to your head and neck, allowing for your body to rest comfortably whether you are a side sleeper or you sleep on your back or stomach. Normal pillows can either force your neck to stretch higher or contract lower than the natural resting position, but memory foam pillows fit your head and neck like a glove.

Back pains are the main reason Americans fail to sleep through the night. Put the right material under your head, though, and you may sleep better than you have in years. Say goodbye to neck cramps. Sleep soundly next to your partner without hearing the disruptive grunts associated with snoring. All of your nighttime problems can be solved with a memory foam pillow! Memory foam pillows hug your head and neck, but the Visco material is porous. The air circulation is greater with visco fresh foam than in other types of pillows, so a memory foam pillow can help keep you cool throughout the night.

Source by Jacob Welsh

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