CEH Certification And Hacker Infiltration

Ever since the advent and rise of Internet technologies, web-based loopholes and unlocked back doors have always been left open and hence, quite susceptible for most anyone to infiltrate. Specific people dubbed as “Hackers” used and still use such passages freely and illegally. They continually enter and leave through these “doors” after doing their business, coming and going as they please – at least for the most part.

This is not saying that Hackers are left to roam about freely through cyberspace and leak through security walls, yet it is saying that only so much monitoring can actually be conducted; as it stands, a lot goes unnoticed in monitoring hacker traffic, yet, on the other hand, much is noticed, actually monitored, but is then left to transpire without halting the activity.

Hacker Classification

In hacking realms there are two types of hackers, those that initiate and instill problems and those that fix such problems. The former, are known as ‘black hats’ and the latter, ‘white hats.’ A hybrid of the two, called ‘grey hats,’ also exists, where both good and ill-intentions are conducted by the hacker.

Keeping this hacking subculture breakdown in mind, companies are at risk if they do not utilize employees adopting the ‘white hat’ persona as a Certified Ethical Hacker, or for short, CEH.

CEH Understanding & Utilization

Certified Ethical Hackers are a wise investment for any company looking to upgrade and fortify their Online security measures. By employing a CEH, companies are entering an agreement with such an individual to be trusted in undertaking particular penetrations of networks and/or computer systems conducting the same processes a standard hacker exercises.

Under agreement, a CEH can hack and, in lesser words, get away with it, as it is not illegal under contract between a recognized organization. As such, CEH’s have complete control with little restriction, allowing such skilled tech CEH professionals to monitor weak points and penetrable spots in target computer systems of a particular organization’s network.

And to take advantage of such an opportunity of CEH utilization is to directly lay and stack strengthening elements under an organizations computer framework. The benefits are apparent and the outcome is, well, safe and in the least, safer.

Hacker Infiltration

To meet face to face with hackers and contend and safeguard well, from a company perspective, one must employ a CEH professional. Consider the mindset of a hacker and most of us would not be able to match well let alone battle on a cyberspace battlefield. Yet, CEH’s can; by having a CEH under an organizations technological wing, such a mentality can be met keyboard to keyboard and challenged, simply through similar hacking knowledge and knowhow.

It’s clear then, to gain ground in such a rampant cyber-war where security is almost always vulnerable, companies must infiltrate the minds of hackers first, before the hackers infiltrate them. After all, to contend well against any foe, one must think as they do. And this can be done through means of hiring professional CEH’s, where upon doing so can easily place any organization as victor against ongoing hacker encounters.

Source by E.S. Cromwell

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