Cataclysm Enchanting Gold Guide

Enchanting is clearly one of the best gold making professions. Everyone need enchants. When a player receive a new item, the first thing they do is buying a enchant (often from the auction house) to put on it. You’ll maximize your profits on Wednesdays because this is when arenas and raids reset, so people will be getting a lot of new items on Wednesday night, so always be sure to have your enchants up at the auction house during this time.

Enchanting: This is really easy, If you don´t have an enchanting alt then make one now. Once you are done its time to start making them scrolls.

Because the Enchant mats are different on each servers I can´t guarantee all of these will work as good for you.

Check the price for Infinite dust/Greater cosmic essence and Abyssal Crystals on your server before making any of these.

These are my top sellers:

Scroll of enchant chest – Powerful stats. Sells for ~250gold

need x4 Dream Shards =20g (5g ea) x4 Abyssal Crystal= 108g (27g ea) =128gold total to make. 250-128=122g pure profit

Scroll of enchant Weapon – Berserking. Sells for ~522gold

Need x12 Infinite dust=18g(1.5g ea) x4 Greater Cosmic Essence=64g(16g ea) x4 Dream Shard=20g (5g ea) x10 Abyssal crystal=270g (27g ea) =372gold total to make. 522-372=150g pure profit

Scroll of enchant weapon – Might Spellpower. Sells for ~350g

Need Infinite dust x30=45g(1.5g ea) Dream Shard x6=30g (5g ea) Abyssal Crystal x6 =162 (27g ea) =237 total to make. 350-237= 133g pure profit.

Scroll of enchant weapon – Crusader sells for ~237g

Need Large Brilliant Shard x4=18g (4.5g ea) Righteous Orb x2 = 90g (45g ea) =108g total to make. 237-108=129g pure profit.

Scroll of Enchant Chest – Super Stats. Sells for ~70g

Need Infinite dust x4=6(1.5g ea) Lesser Cosmic Essence x2=12g (6g ea) =18g total to make. 70-18=52g pure profit.

These were just my top sellers, you will profit off close to all scrolls you can make so be sure to have a wide supply stocked up.

Have at least 5 of these at all time and be sure you have the cheapest one at AH at peaktimes(When people raid/many online).

I do not recommend selling it in trade, this way you will only make 5-10gold, while selling one at AH gets you 100-200gold.

Check the auction house for green weapons 74+, they disenchant into Greater cosmic essence either 1 or 2 each time, if weapon is on the AH for less than a Greater cosmic essence cost then buy it out and disenchant it, this works with many other items on the AH such as weapons from 43-50 that give you Greater nether essence or 50+ that give Greater eternal essence.

Source by Daniel Ragnarsson

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