Business Startup Ideas – Zero Upfront Costs! No Risks! Easy!

There are so many business startup ideas to choose from these days, but if you want to get past your first year then in my opinion you should not put all your eggs in one basket and take massive risk with your future.

The main thing to keep in mind with any venture that you choose, is that you should never rush into anything. Fully research the opportunity before make your final decision.

By far the most common reason that new businesses fail is that they do not have enough start up capital to see the idea through to success, and end up having to close the doors before the profits start to roll in.

So the ideas below will let you do something very special, because they are all ideas you can get up and running while still at your current job with little or NO capital.

***3 Startup Business Ideas That You Can Do Without Any Capital***


Many people in work today could take their skills and work with other companies to improve their business, this makes most sense with the following professions:

* Accountancy

* Lawyer

* PR

* Advertising

* Online marketing

* IT

* Success development.


There are new websites hitting the Internet everyday and they all need quality content written by people with a talent for writing and who can deliver the goods on time.

If this sounds like you hit a freelance site like and see what you can turn up.


This is a really simple business and can be great fun. If you have a decent camera, print up some flyers and offer a family photography service. The way to get the most work is to deliver the flyer yourself and build a relationship with your potential clients.

The market for modern family photography is growing all the time and I know of 6 of my friends who are all doing very well.

Killer tip: Offer you’re current clients a free session if they refer you to their friends. If they give you a regular customer this will soon pay for itself!

Source by Chris Marsden

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