BodHD Review – Is BodHD Legitimate?

Reading this BodHD review will give you a little insight into this new network marketing opportunity. This Southern California based company is yet another new start up to enter the health and wellness arena. The management team, is made up of Sean Loomer, Tylene Roderigues. and Ray and Daran Grimm. The Grimms both have some 25 years of direct sales experience, which would be a big positive for any new network marketing start up program. The big question is of course, can you make serious money with this program. Lets take a look shale we.

It is important to mention from the get go that it is a fact, that start up network marketing company’s have a very high failure rate. Also, network marketing is currently jam packed with programs featuring health and wellness products. I am not bringing this up to discourage you from teaming up with this company, rather I believe these are factors you should be aware of when deciding to partner up with this or any MLM program. BodHD could be one of the few new companies that will stand the test of time. I hope they are.

Presently there are four scientifically formulated products in there line, they are as follows: BLD – An enzymes rich food supplement Daily – A Daily Multi-Vitamin Radiant – Promotes healthy skin, nails and hair P3 – A body recovery product

There are several ways to becoming a BodHD representative. Firstly, you can join for free. Your position in the downline will be held for up to 30 days. You will have to upgrade to a paid associate within the 30 days in order to make money. Listed bellow are the three paid membership levels: 1. Go Pack ($130). Will Pay on 2 levels of uni-level commissions 2. Pro Pack ($260). Will Pay on 3 levels of uni-level commissions 3. Business Builder Pack ($490). Will Pay on 6 levels of uni-level commissions and participate in the first revenue sharing pool.

To remain current in the pay plan there is a product auto-ship required monthly of either $35 or $100. This is not an uncommon practice in the mlm world. You may have twenty thousand people in your downline, but if no one purchases any products, no one will make a dime. The auto-ship assures that everyone purchases products either to sell or use themselves and as a result, everyone gets paid. There are also a series of bonuses Included in the compensation plan ranging from fast start bonuses to volume related bonuses.

I definitely believe after completing this BodHD review that this is a legitimate new company with high quality products. If you are able to put huge amounts of people in your downline, you could make serious money with this company. However the problem is, a high percentage of people (statistics say some 97%) will be unable to build even the smallest of downlines, they then will get frustrated and quit.

You could dramatically improve your chances of success if you simply have the ability to effectively use the Internet to build your downline. Learning the online marketing trade is a process. I assure you that there are no safely guarded secrets, as many Guru’s would lead you to believe. If you will commit to devoting a certain amount of time on a regular basis to learning it, you can definitely master online marketing. After which time, you will be able to find success with any program such as the one in this BodHD Review.

Source by Evan DuChene

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