Best Advice for People With Low Self-Esteem

I don’t know whether to say it is unfortunate that I joined the challenge just 3 days to go, but nonetheless, I will still take up the challenge and address with the best of my own personal view. In any case, I want to highlight that the issue of “low self-esteem” is an inherent factor of human nature, which is change or shaped in accordance with the environment we grow up from. Don’t see it as a Lady Gaga ideology of “I was born this way,” instead view it from Beyonc√© Knowles desires of “If I was a boy.”

In any case, low self-esteem is a serious because it represents the link between failure and success in which when changed to high self-esteem success is achievable of when maintained in the same level of low self-esteem success evades us. Well let’s not go deeper into analyzing these issues, instead let’s focus on understanding how to help people with such.

I will advise from my own personal experience. I also used to be low in self-esteem in the past but unlike those reading this article presently, I had nobody to advise me and I changed on my own. Maybe the reason why I am so high on self-esteem now? The solution is simple, follow Obama’s idea of “Yes you can” and even when you fail, try Abraham Lincoln’s philosophy of “Never give up and try again and again until you succeed.”

Just understand that your success is in your hands and no matter how big of a cloud is coming against you, you can function like a nuclear weapon; demolishing your weaknesses and excelling to the highest skies. It won’t be as easy as it sounds, but a journey of a thousand mile when it comes to boosting your self-esteem begins with understanding your weakness and being committed to change. YES YOU CAN! Yes you can change from low self-esteem to high self-esteem. If you believe what you just read, then your self-esteem just increased by 20%. Now make it 100%.

If you think your case is unsolvable, how about you go by the fact that the one who is advising you is someone that has been at the place you are right now. Yes, I have been a subject of laughter, but the change i am enjoying right now is as a result of my desire and well to change. You need to know that the best people can do is to advice you, but whether or not you make use of such advice is definitely up to you. So be wise and boost your self-esteem today for greater success.

Source by Iloka Benneth Chiemelie

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