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In this Berry.En company review you will find out important information about the company, products, internet marketing policies, and social networking. Also how do you get recruits and customers and is there marketing training and support? These are all important things to ask before joining any MLM or starting any business.


Berry.En was founded in Jan 2010 and is Located in Germany.

Currently Berry.En is in Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and Austria.

The corporate site is in German and thanks to Google It could be translated in English.

Compensation Plan

At this time the compensation plan was not published on the corporate website.


The current product line includes 1 nutritional drink and 4 gel-based nutritional drinks.

The ingredients used are carefully chosen to provide the body with a maximum useful supplement and they use only natural ingredients of the highest quality.

Example, EN is a novel NUTRIENTS DRINK with 100% natural energy, 80% Premium Juice, many antioxidants, vitamins and palatinose ™

Who Do You Sell Products To?

You can sell products online from your own web store, resale to commercial and private customers, as well establish your own sales team.

Apparently there is no mention of how to get recruits so I am assuming you go after your friends, relatives and co-workers.

Start-Up Costs

It appears there are no registration costs, but it does look like there is a $15 fee paid for the previous month to the account of the selling partner.

Training And Support

Training and events are offered regularly by team leaders and also by Berry.En and are an important source of new information which may help build a successful business.

There was a Berry.En academy for distributor training mentioned on their corporate website.

Does the Company allow Internet Marketing?

If you want to use the company logos you must get written permission by Berry.En.

Social Networking

There are links to Facebook and Twitter on the corporate site. The user-friendly integration of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and many others as well as direct e-mail communication from the individual product pages out will ensure a high acceptance by customers and channel partners, and reaffirms the refreshing innovativeness of the young German company.

My Review

In review of everything that Berry.En has to offer, they do appear to be a good company. Keep in mind this is a brand new company. There is no start up cost but there is mention of a $15 a month fee.

To become successful and continually grow this business you will need to recruit others and sell products and teach your group to do the same. If that is what you are looking for the Berry.En opportunity might be a good fit for you.

However, it does not appear that they have any marketing training, as is the case with most most MLM’s. The reason 95% of network marketers fail is because you have untrained people teaching untrained people. Without the proper training and mentoring most people will fail, so if you want to join Berry.En and be in the top 5% you must seek a mentor and participate in a leadership development program.

If you are not willing to seek a mentor and participate in a leadership development program then I would suggest continuing to look for a network marketing company that does provide marketing training and allow you to market their products on the internet. Otherwise you might be interested in looking for an internet based product and company to learn the skills to make money online as an alternative.

Source by Pam Eppinette

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