Beam Seating – Efficient Design, Effective in Use

One of the most efficient designs for effective use of space, when it comes to public seating, is the beam seating design. You may find beam seating in almost every public place. Waiting rooms, airports, train and bus terminals, hospitals or anywhere groups or multiple numbers of persons are forced to sit. The design is known as beam seating, simply because all of the seats are attached to a beam. The seating configuration can consist of at least two to up to six or 8 seats that are attached to the beam that runs under the seats. For stronger reinforcement, or a more sturdy seating system, the configuration may contain more than one beam.

Designers are allowed a lot of flexibility in the construction of beam seating as the seat is attached in a horizontal row that can be placed anywhere. Since all of the seats in used in the configuration will be identical, they can be produced much more cost efficiently, than having to purchasing individual seating. The method of attaching the seats will also be the same, and there e may be cost efficiencies when the seats are assembled.

If the seats are of composite material that can be moulded, it may be easier and cheaper to reproduce a full length of the shape, rather than having to produce individual units. In either case, it can be expected, that there will be much less variance, and more uniformity the production of the seats as they will all be made in the same process.

In addition to the manufacturing cost efficiencies, beam seating provides flexibility in the designing with multiple decorative options. You can chose seats of almost any style colour or fabric, as long as they can easily be attached to the beams. You also have the option of including tables in the row. They can be attached at either the end or in the center of the row. Adding table surfaces may be as simple as including a 4-sided figure on the horizontal surface of the bar.

For high traffic areas, it may be best to have the seating frames made with sturdy materials, such as protective steel which is also protected high resistant powder coatings. If fabric is chosen for the seat material, it may be likely be very durable fabric, such as polyesters that will be resistant to wear and tear from everyday use. For public use, the uses of moulded seats that are made with highly resistant plastic appear to be a popular choice, because they may be easier to clean.

One the benefits of beam seating, is that is usually easy to clean and maintain. Since all of the seats are arranged in a row, there is very little need to move anything in order to clean surfaces, such as the floor, or surrounding areas.

The uniformity of the seats in the formation, adds a lot of flexibility to the design process, and it becomes much easier to include innovations, or even retrofit the seating configuration to add new features.

Source by Ador Talukdar

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