Be a Cosmetic Hunter in Mists of Pandaria New Challenge Mode

Part of the pull of being a hunter in virtual reality is the ability to experience an avatar of great importance in an alternate world; especially with incredibly artistic armor sets, weapons, mounts, and vanity pets. The new World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria is taking its dominance of the MMO genre to even more epic levels this time around by adding challenge modes to their dungeons. Players said they needed more pull to farm the 5 man’s, and developers delivered.

If a hunter doesn’t really enjoy the look of a certain tier of armor, or even of the older styles through transmogrification, the cosmetic rewards for Challenge Mode are stunning. The only way to get them is to group up and take on dungeons with a timed event, which the participant must work as a team to beat the mode in time to win the prize. It’s a digital PvE Olympic gauntlet that rewards the victorious with either a bronze, silver, or gold. It’s a complete re-haul of the outdated “normal” and “heroic” modes. Each of the three medals has its own tier of rewards, therefore the more gold metals, the more of that tier in unlocked, including more cosmetic wonders of Pandaria.

What this means for Hunters

It means being required to essentially meld together PvP play style with PvE tactics and preparation; it means battleground communication in a dungeon environment; it means lighting fast PvP style adaptation in a team setting facing the clock. As hunters farm the dungeons progressing their character and item level, they need to pay close attention and start taking mental notes. However, it should be kept in mind that once a dungeon is set on Challenge Mode, gear is normalized. So it doesn’t really matter what kind of gear someone has. This means everyone is going to start out on an equally solid footing. In order to achieve the gold, players will be forced to know the ins and outs of their toon’s capabilities and be able to execute them with timed precision.

For hunters who are cosmetically driven, this means a tremendous amount. Picture taking a screen shot with a new rare beast, standing faithfully aside a brand new mount with cosmetic enhancements. The cosmetic hunter is decked out in armor sets that defy the pre pandaria era, and to top everything off, their medals are tracked and inspectable for all to see and admire! It’s never been better to be a cosmetic hunter.

Source by Mason S Ordonez

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