August 3, 2006 Bible Code Day of Armageddon 8 03 2006

The day of the Bible Code prediction of an unbelievable firestorm attack is coming soon. Those who study the Bible Code think it means an atomic weapons detonation type attack. But how could this be, who would do such a thing? Well if you look at current events one could come up with several scenarios, such as an attack of nuclear weapons exchanges between Israel and Iran for instance. After all didn’t the new leader of Iran say he wanted to nuke or rather blow Israel off the map? Not such a great sign on the road map for peace in the Middle East is it; especially as Hamas and Hezbolla are being partially funded by the Nation State of Iran?

Can we really see a World War III in the Middle East and an atomic attack in Jerusalem? Will this lead to the completion of Temple of Solomon, as per the Bible code prophesy and within the following decade an all out Nuclear War? Makes you want to take all those Awana free magazines from the Jehovah Witness’ and make them disappear doesn’t it? Is the date August 3, 2006 the actual Day of Armageddon, the date of reconciliation for the human race? A day, which will live in infamy? Do you believe in the Bible Code? Many do, too many in fact; is mankind going to fulfill the prophesy whether it was simply made up or miss interpreted? How can we stop the show down with Iran and Israel? Why are we in the middle of this mess in the Middle East, as we are half a world away? Lots of question, few answers and the time keeps moving into the future. Think on this in 2006.

Source by Lance Winslow

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