Astrology of Early Widowhood

Widowhood refers to the status of a woman whose spouse has died. The state of having lost one’s spouse untimely is termed as early widowhood.

Early widowhood induces the feeling of depression, intense grieve, mood swings, disorientation in the widow and filled her with the obsessive thoughts and feelings about the deceased spouse.

Early widow hood produces social, cultural, economical, religious and moral constraints in the woman.

Astrological factors influencing early widowhood:

  • The planets ruling the houses signifying the marriage.
  • Jupiter as significator for the husband.
  • Venus as significator for marriage.
  • 7th house/sign Libra indicates husband.
  • 2nd house indicates longevity of husband.

Different combinations for widowhood:

7th house/lord:

  • Afflictions to 2nd/7th house/Venus/Jupiter indicate early widowhood.
  • Lord of 7th is weak and afflicted by Saturn and Mars indicates early widowhood.
  • Debilitated Saturn and Mars associate/ aspects 7th house/lord indicates early widowhood.
  • Lord of 7th aspects Saturn and Mars indicates disturbed married life and early death of the spouse.
  • 7th house and lord are hammed between malefic planets without any benefic influence.
  • Lord of 7th with Saturn, aspected by Mars.

8th house/lord:

  • Conjunction of lords of 7th and the 8th in the 8th with malefic aspects.
  • Rahu and Moon combined in 8th aspected by malefic.
  • Moon and Rahu in 8th and the lord of the 7th with Saturn aspected by Mars.
  • Lords of ascendant and 8th combined in 12th and malefic aspects over 8th house.


  • Mars being the lord of 7th house and aspected by Saturn indicates early widowhood. But if Jupiter and Moon influences above combination indicates only severe suffering of the husband.
  • Mars placed in 2nd house, aspected by Saturn and lord of 7th is being posited in 6th/8th/12th house, indicates early death of the husband.
  • Mars and Saturn combined in 7th house, and lord of 7th is in debilitated sign indicates loss of spouse.


  • Strong Moon/Jupiter posited in 2nd house indicates long life of the spouse.
  • To avoid this yoga remedies for Saturn, Mars and lord of 7th are suggested.

Source by Geeta Jha

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