Astrolgical Solar Chart and Importance of Transiting Planets

Transits in Houses

The Solar Chart has great value, both to the client and the student. One of the major problems with the Natal Chart is timing. Not everybody knows the exact time of their birth. Thus, there may be erroneous placements of Planets in Houses and a BIG discrepancy with the rising signs.

No such problem exists with the solar chart. Most people know the DAY they were born.

A competent Astrologer can impart good useful knowledge to their clients and students through their Solar Charts.

Let us look and see where the Transiting Planets are at the the day of this writing and see how to place them in a Solar Chart. Today is the first day that the Sun enters the Sign of Pisces. It will remain there for 30 days. Each month the Astrologer will have to update the information he passes on to his client and student as the Sun rotates into a new sign.

This article can be used as a general outline or template for the placement of all transiting Planets in the Solar Chart.

Today we have:

Sun in Pisces

Jupiter in Capricorn

Saturn in Virgo

Uranus in Pisces

Neptune in Aquarius

Pluto in Capricorn

For the full scope of this article I will need to place these Transiting Planets in twelve separate Solar Charts. There will be one for each of the signs Aries, Taurus, Gemini, etc. By doing this I will know not only place the Transiting Planets in their respective signs, but also what Houses they occupy.

I will work out one Solar Chart and leave the rest to the reader. There is sufficient information here for you to do so. If you need help you may contact me by e-mail.

For a Sagittarian Solar Chart I have:

Sun in Pisces in 4th House

Jupiter in Capricorn in 2nd House

Saturn in Virgo in 10th House

Uranus in Pisces in 4th House

Neptune in Aquarius in 3rd House

Pluto in Capricorn in 2nd House

The major aspects formed by these six planets are:

Sun Conjunct Uranus

Jupiter Conjunct Pluto

Sun Sextile Jupiter

Sun Sextile Pluto

Uranus Sextile Jupiter

Uranus Sextile Pluto

Sun Opposition Saturn

Saturn Opposition Sun

Jupiter Trine Saturn

Saturn Trine Pluto

You can see the wealth of information that can be garnered from a Solar Chart.

The simplified reading I would give a client and student would be this:

The main areas of interest and energy is your 2nd and 4th Houses. The main areas in your life which will be affected are your means of making money and your home and family.

We have the Sun in Pisces in the 4th House, so the Power will be turned on your home,family and mother. Look to these areas of interest to you at this time.

Sun Conjunct Uranus in 4th House and 10th Houses, home and career. Will make you aware of your limitations in these areas. You will need to make compromises between the two Houses.

Sun Sextile Pluto, 2nd and 4th House, money and home. There will be opportunities for changes and deep thinking about future.

Sun Sextile Jupiter, 2nd and 4th House, money and home. This is a very lucky time for you.

Jupiter Conjunct Pluto 2nd House of money. You will have a deep desire to be successful and attain power.

Jupiter Sextile Uranus, 2nd and 4th House, money and family. These are exciting mental times and a good chance for financial gains.

Saturn Opposition Uranus, 4th and 10th Houses, home and Career. It is time to readjust your dull job, marriage or relationships.

Enough for this example. More articles to follow.

You can see how much information you can impart to your client and student from a well constructed Solar Chart. And there is no need to worry about if the time of birth is correct.

Source by Ellis Peterson

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