Are You Suffering From Squirrel Syndrome?

How is your business doing these days? If business has hit a roadblock, profits are down or it’s been a while since any significant results or opportunities have come through the door, then you may be suffering from squirrel syndrome.

What is squirrel syndrome? Imagine for a moment that your results depend on bringing home a moose but instead you only bagged a squirrel. How would that make you feel? Pretty bad right? I mean, imagine your family or a whole village depends on you for food and you bring home a squirrel?

If that is the way you feel about your current results in business then you have squirrel syndrome.

How do you get infected by squirrel syndrome? Usually, it happens because…

Oh look,… A squirrel!

Just like dogs are easily distracted by squirrels, you may be easily distracted by the many activities that you take on in your business and in your life. While most of the activities and distractions you take on may keep you busy and make you look busy, they won’t necessarily bring you the results you are looking for. In fact, if you have been in business for a couple of years or more and you are yet not seeing monumental results, then you are likely being distracted by squirrels.

In my experience the number one reason why people don’t get what they want in life is; “they don’t know what they want.” So what happens is people get distracted by loads of little things that take up a lot of time, but never lead to results. Only when you understand what deep commitment truly is, can you finally focus on what you want. When you learn to focus and not get distracted, what you focus on will expand into your life. This is not an easy thing to do because there are many activities and distractions which keep you from being committed to any one thing.

For example; how do you lose weight? You eat less and exercise more, right? While everyone knows this, why is there such an epidemic of overweight people? Because of squirrel syndrome. People are easily distracted by food, television, jobs, made up responsibilities and a whole host of other activities that keep them from being deeply committed to losing weight. These are called competing intentions; squirrels. However, if you cannot even acknowledge that squirrels are keeping you from what you want, then nothing will ever change.

Deep commitment is not something that happens naturally. You must practice it until it becomes part of you and you can do it without thinking. Otherwise, the squirrels will win. Think about it; if you ever go hunting for a moose, you will likely see at least 20 squirrels before you ever see a moose. Many of them you will chase down thinking that the rustling in the bushes was an opportunity but, what you’ll find is; it’s usually just a squirrel.

So in the end, you’ll bring home a squirrel because squirrels are the only thing that kept your attention. They kept you from climbing the mountain, exploring the forest or crossing the meadow. They kept you from taking risks and going after what you truly wanted – results.

How do you practice deep commitment in order to stay focused on the moose and not get distracted by the squirrels? In my own life it took some pretty serious training and mentoring from people who had what I wanted. People who knew how to focus. Try to remember that you can’t learn anything important from someone who does not have what you want.

Business success is all about learning from successful people. And, you must choose to learn deep commitment to success and put it above all other distractions. Success is not for the chosen few, it’s for the few who choose it. And you must choose it and be deeply committed to it before you will ever see any of it in your life.

If you are not deeply committed to success then squirrels will overrun your life. And when you bring home squirrels, you will always feel less than worthy. There is something built into all humans; it’s called desire. When your desires are not truly fulfilled, you will find a way to fill up the void with activities, distractions and squirrels. This will not make you happy, but it will make you busy.

The only cure for squirrel syndrome is a fundamental deep commitment to success. Again, this will not come easy, but as a result of proper training, repetition and emotional involvement to change poor habits into more empowering ones. You cannot change your results without being emotionally involved. Your heart must be in it. However, when you learn to put your heart into everything that you do, you will eventually learn what deep commitment is. Why? Because our deepest desire is to succeed. And only your heart knows what you want. The results that you create are directly proportional to the amount of energy you put into changing your behaviour first and eventually you life situations. The energy that I’m talking about is desire. And desire springs from a fundamental human need; to bring home a moose instead of a squirrel.

Source by Paul Tobey

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