An Independent Noevir Review – Is This A Real Business?

Since you have ended up here, you must be looking into the Noevir MLM business opportunity. Good for you. Too many people jump into something just because someone told them to. There is information in this Noevir USA review for you, and it will help you in making a decision. However, I want to be clear that I am not a representative of the company. This will allow you to read this Noevir USA review in peace without wondering if I am trying to pitch my own MLM opportunity.

The Company
Noevir is a well established company, having started in 1978. You won’t have to be concerned about joining a start-up which may have problems getting a foothold; the company is well established and does business worldwide. The company was started by Hiroshi Okura and is based in California. There are several business units, of which Noevir USA is one. The story Noevir tells is that Mr. Okura was traveling in the Black Forest area of Germany and found that the people there had very beautiful skin due to the use of products made from materials found in the Black Forest. This was his inspiration to start the company, and, as time moved along, several more product lines were added. Today, Noevir is a billion dollar company with over a million customers worldwide. Much of the recent growth has been in Asia. The company’s philosophy is to use science to create products as close to nature as possible. They are proud of the fact that everything they make is free of mineral oil. The product line includes cosmetics, nutritional products, hair care products, and even a line of herbal tea. The most well known may be the Noevir Skin Care products. The company’s growth and stability should be a real plus for people looking to enter this crowded market niche.

The Compensation
The cost to get started is low, and inventory requirements are very reasonable. There are several ways to get paid. As with most MLM companies in this niche, you can make a nice cash flow (30%) from retail sales. Free products are available to distributors based on their sales volume. There are several different performance bonuses in the compensation plan. 10% is paid on your downline team’s volume down 6 generations of Directors. This is where the residual income comes from. Sponsor 3 people and they make you a Unit leader. As you move up in the company, your commissions increase. Noevir is an MLM company that also pays non-cash compensation. There are several out there that do this, and it is a nice perk. Top company producers are provided with vacations and other awards. This is an incentive to others to strive to become a top producer.

Noevir USA is a well established company that has been doing business as an MLM company since its inception. This means they are very comfortable with their business model as well as with their niche. If you are passionate about this niche Noevir skin care is an excellent product line to seriously consider. A company that has been around since 1978 is worth a look for that reason alone. However, the fact is you will need more than a good established company with good products to ensure your success. Once you have gone through your warm market list, where do you go next? Successful 21st century marketers are able to generate their own leads both online and offline. Your success entirely depends on your ability to generate leads, sell products, and build a successful downline team. A top Attraction Marketing System will allow you to create a personal brand, generate your own leads, and make money even when prospects do not join your business. Master these skills and find success.

Source by James Boswell

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