Ambit Energy Explained By A Former Energy Marketer

Deregulation is here again and is slowly taking over the energy market. Is that going to be of any interest to an internet marketer or someone who would like to start a home business? If it does not interest you than you might be the only person who wished they took the advice or had the insight to invest in Google or Microsoft when they were not household words.

If I had absolutely no knowledge of the energy industry, I would have concerns and many questions. Having worked in this industry, I can explain why the new energy providers will have a great impact on changing the face of the monopolies.

Energy travels over the same power lines for everyone no matter what company you choose to provide your energy. Before deregulation you may have received power from other companies when your company’s generators went down or were shut down for maintenance. It just works this way. I “scheduled” energy for mostly emergency situations and these “emergencies” happen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I was sending electricity from generators in Florida and wheeling it through generators until it reached Nebraska! That is how it works and it happens all the time.

So how does any competitive company and energy deregulation make this an amazing time for marketers and entrepreneurs? Because these companies are selling a product that absolutely everyone uses and needs. Once people begin to understand that changing their power supplier isn’t going to change anything else, they will feel more comfortable about making the switch. The consumer will benefit from having lower energy bills.

As an entrepreneur you are getting in on the onset of a business trend that can only compare to the deregulation of the telecommunications industry. Are you still with ATT?

Texas and New York are the only states who are officially deregulated at this point. The rates for Texas customers have lowered since the inception because there has been such a great response. New Yorkers are just learning more and will become more accustomed as they see their neighbors change over.

The internet is giving entrepreneurs the opportunity to take advantage of this situation because you can sell to people all over our great country a product that everyone needs.

Source by Laura Licata

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