Alex Edevane’s MOLB Wealth Formula Review

In this article, I will try to share my personal experience with the product called “1% MOLB Wealth Formula” by Alex Edevane. Hope it can be useful for those who consider buying it. This is the first time I bought product from Alex and most likely would purchase more of his product in the future. He’s now in my watch list. Why? Because he delivered on his promise (over delivered actually). It’s perhaps one of the best value for money product I bought from the Internet this year.

Let’s get started with the review… firstly, when you purchase MOLB Wealth Formula, you’ll get a 178-page ebook showing you step by step how to build a successful and profitable online business. You’ll also get the MOLB Blueprint Video Series. It consists of 11 part video tutorials (almost 120 minutes) which expand on the strategies and tactics discussed in the ebook. It’s like standing directly behind Alex and watch over his shoulder what he does day in and day out to make money online. In my opinion, the video series alone are already worth more than the price of the product!

You can use the strategies taught in MOLB Wealth Formula even if you don’t have a website and pre-existing customer list. You also don’t need to have a large start-up capital or buy traffic from Google.

Ok, what’s covered in the MOLB Wealth Formula?

The two main areas covered in MOLB Wealth Formula are email marketing and list building. Email marketing is a very powerful method provided if you have a responsive list and the people in your list trust you. Trust is perhaps one of the most difficult things to develop in your online business. Inside MOLB Wealth Formula, Alex will reveal the email sequence he used to build the best relationship with his subscribers. You’ll have a complete blueprint and samples to help you build trust and credibility quickly.

Now, don’t worry if you don’t have a pre-existing customer list, the MOLB Wealth Formula will teach you how to leverage from hundreds of thousands of targeted email addresses already out there which you don’t need to pay a cent for it. Using one of the MOLB Wealth Formula list-building methods, I have managed to generate over 5,000 emails in just two weeks. Based on my own experience, the MOLB methods work best when you’re targeting a more specific niche such as “fly fishing” for example. However, building list in a more generic niche such as “health” for example is more difficult. But again, this is based on my experience, you may experience different results.

So is MOLB Wealth Formula worth buying?

If you currently don’t have a list in your niche or you don’t have a list building strategy, then I would say MOLB Wealth Formula is absolutely worth checking out. Of course this product or blueprint is much more valuable for those people who already have pre-existing email list. If you apply the strategies and tactics taught in the ebook and videos, I guarantee you will see a significant increase in sales in your email marketing campaigns.

Source by Leon Lioe

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