Accentuate the Lawn or Garden With Solar Rock Lights

Among the wonderful enhancements that a garden can have are solar rock lights. These small pieces of small boulder-like lights appear like beautiful rocks during the day, and are transformed into gentle illuminating lights at nighttime. The best aspect about these boulder lights is that they are powered by heavy duty rechargeable batteries, which are recharged during the day using its solar panels. This allows the lights to be installed off the power grid and in any area of the garden that you feel it would be most useful and beautiful.

Most of the lighted rocks that are available in the market today are made of durable polyethylene plastic materials. These are then polished with a rock-like color finish that further enhances its strength and durability, as well as give its natural boulder-like color. Some are made of polyresin, a material that allows the rock light to look more like an authentic rock.

Once they are placed on the garden, it is sometimes impossible to tell them apart from real rocks of similar color. Were it not for the solar panel embedded at the top and the light bulb encased on their sides, they would certainly be mistaken for a real rock. They are also designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. This means that there is no need to pack the rock away during particular seasons.

The solar panel on these artificial, yet authentic-looking, rocks consists of highly efficient cells that can harvest the energy from the sun even on overcast days. This raw energy is then used to recharge the heavy duty batteries that are encased within the interior structure of the small boulder. At the first hint of dusk, the light encased within this polyethylene plastic rock switches on automatically. This is made possible by an automatic sensor that constantly monitors the intensity of the surrounding ambient light.

Solar rock lights can be installed in a variety of configurations, whether as enhancements to the garden or to illuminate the pathway. They give off a bright illumination of the area to which they are facing. Using them as lawn accent light by placing the ornamental rocks among the shrubs is also a wonderful idea that would surely enhance the beauty of the surroundings.

There are also some models of these boulder lights that come with other enhancements. These enhancements come in the form of toppings like plastic frogs, lizards, birds, and many more. They are painted with weather resistant color finish that resembles the actual colors of the real thing. These toppings make the solar rock lights more natural, authentic looking, and definitely more beautiful. Installing a couple of these boulder lights in the garden would surely give it a wonderful transformation.

Source by Suzie Sanchez

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