A Review Of The Warm Spirit Income Opportunity

The Warm Spirit company was launched officially in June of 1999 by Daniel Wolf and Nadine Thompson. Wolf had met an herbal healer while on vacation and had learned some tricks of the trade. Wolf developed a line of skin cream and together he and Thompson decided that they would start a company and sell the products that Wolf had made. They named their company Warm Spirit and it launched officially in June of 1999. The product line included thirty eight products and since then several more have been added to the repertoire.

Since the official inception of Warm Spirit, the company has expanded quite a bit and now sells its products through catalogs, over the phone and with independent sales representatives who are called consultants.

Warm Spirit consultants are members of a compensation plan that is uni-level and breakaway. Consultants are offered incentives like a car allowance, and leadership bonuses. The company tries to emphases that their consultants are in business for themselves, not by themselves, that they will get free training, they can set their own work schedules and that they won’t be responsible for maintaining any sort of inventory. Warm Spirit consultants can earn their incomes by hosting parties (called “home gatherings”), talking to people individually or by taking orders from the catalog. They are also encouraged to recruit other people to become fellow consultants. Warm Spirit also promises that income can be earned through developing, training and leading recruits through the processes of starting their own businesses.

In order to be more financially successful, Warm Spirit Consultants are encouraged to recruit consultants to work under them and to create a highly functioning down line. The farther the down line goes, the more recruits in each level, the more the original Consultant will earn.

This looks like a fairly straightforward mlm operation. Warm Spirit is open and honest about what sort of commissions the consultants can expect to earn. There is a straightforward commission chart available on the internet for any body’s perusal. The only real drawback is the cost of getting started. The most basic starter package starts at fifty dollars, but if you want a more in depth Warm Spirit start up package the price goes up. Some of the starter packages can be as expensive as five hundred dollars.

Really the only cost it looks like Warm Spirit Consultants are out is the start up fee. We couldn’t find much information as to how the car allowances, bonuses and regular commissions are paid out, but the company looks very straight forward. You will get out of Warm Spirit what you put into it. After all, commission earnings are directly proportionate to the amount of products sold by Warm Spirit Consultants and their down line. The more you sell, the more you make. Isn’t that the way with all home businesses?

Source by Brian Garvin

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