7 Top Secret Weapons of Business Success

Many people think there is some secret sauce to success in business. I think what people are really looking for are the shortcuts to success. The short answer is that there are no shortcuts. But for there are some things you can do in your business that will increase your odds of success.

In my opinion, there are 7 things that you can use as your secret weapons to success. These 7 secret weapons are common areas you can focus on that will dramatically increase your business and wipe-out the competition. While these 7 secret weapons are simple on the surface, they all take time, patience, and working with a team to carry out.

1. Marketing – It doesn’t matter what business you are in. If you don’t learn how to market, you are sunk. Eventually you will run out of leads and the business will die. You have to learn how to market. And not just run ads. You have to know what to put in the ads, what makes a good ad, how to write copy and choose images as well as all the forms of marketing and media that you can use to distribute your marketing pieces. Learn to market or your business will die!

2. Persistence – Never stop! You have to keep going, trying new things, understand that stuff doesn’t always work the first time… Be ready to take years and years to build your business. Be ready to get depressed, cry about your failures, argue with your spouse, and ultimately be in a lot of pain. I know I’m painting a rosy picture here right? What I’m doing is preparing you for what you WILL face. Be ready and take it head on. When you see depression setting in, be prepared with a pick me up. Know that it’s OK to cry about your failures. Apologize to your wife. Know that the pain will pass. Never give up!

3. Customer service – Most people think if they just make a great product that people will buy. Know this… Have the best customer service and people will overlook any product defects. Treat people with love and respect. Thank them for being your client. Make them feel special. Customer service is usually the last thing fixed in a company when all else fails. Make it a priority in your business.

4. Knowing your industry – Get every drop of information you can on your industry. You need to be an expert that knows everything you possibly can about it. You can’t go into business knowing less than your customers. If they know more than you, they won’t buy from you. Be a trusted advisor that people turn to.

5. Always learning – Never stop reading books, articles, reviews, and attending workshops. Get a coach, hire a consultant, and find a mentor… Do whatever it takes to keep improving your game.

6. Understanding technology – This is a big category for me, but suffice it to say that you need to understand social media, cloud computing, and software that will make your life and your customers’ life easier. Get on top of all there is to offer here and how the latest iPhone can improve sales or how Constant Contact can improve your customer loyalty and retention. Learn technology or hire someone to do it for you.

7. Prayer – This may come as a shocker to many, but prayer is my most valuable tool. I pray about what to write, how to market, what technology to use, ways to improve my business, and I pray over each of my clients. Prayer is how I guide my business. If there is one silver bullet in my arsenal, its prayer.

Source by Michael LeJeune

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