5 Career Opportunities For Certified Scuba Divers

Scuba diving is unlike any other recreational activity. While many regard underwater diving as a recreational sport, professional scuba divers look upon it as a lucrative occupation. In fact, inland water and construction industries require professional divers in their ranks to support their operations. This is good news to all diving enthusiasts, now they can earn their bread while living their dream. A basic or advanced Open Water training opens doors to a number of career opportunities for certified scuba divers. More opportunities await professional divers. Here are 5 occupations a certified scuba diver can venture to fulfill their passion for the extreme sport:

Teaching other people how to dive. Scubadivingis an exciting sport and anywhere in the world, there are a handful of those intending to pursue the sport that would be needing the instruction of certified trainer. Underwater diving is not a common skill and it’s a trade that only a few people are going into these days. In fact, scuba diving resorts and operators are always in need of divemasters to implement their diving course offerings.

Underwater photographer and videographer. Imagine how National Geographic or Discovery Channel captured those brilliant images that document amazing underwater landscapes and marine life. Only expert divers who can proficiently handle cameras or video equipment underwater are given this great opportunity to reveal to the world the beauty of marine life. Indeed, it is one of the most challenging, yet most fulfilling jobs on the planet.

Scuba diving as business. A keen insight on the multifarous training requirements of scuba divers and their preferences on equipment use, endows an entrepreneurial mind with the right perspective to respond to the needs of a growing market of scuba diving enthusiasts. This is a career call or business opportunity, enticing both certified divers and non-divers to set up dive shops that cater to the training needs of clients as well as for the retail and maintenance of scuba gear and equipment.

NASA Astronaut Trainer. Astronauts are subjected to different levels of gravity in outer space. They can obtain enough practice here on earth with the physical conditioning they are subjected to underwater. Scuba Diving instructors are needed to convey to prospective astronauts the principles of handling one’s body efficiently while subjected to buoyant forces and changing pressure.

Scientific Research. Technical divers are needed to supply information on the conditions of marine life. Recreational divers can also volunteer on reef and fish surveys organized by non-government environmental organizations.

Now that you have learned about the career opportunities in the field of scuba diving, start taking certification courses today to fully realize your dream. Don’t forget to invest on a good quality scuba diving suit such as the Aeris Rio .5 Wetsuit [http://www.scubasuppliers.com/site/1408308/product/60.0051.XX] The diving suit provides reliable protection and insulation for frequent diving trips.

Source by Felix Tero

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