4 Must Have Car Gadgets for Today’s Drivers

Car owners love their technology and are opting for hands-free calling, navigation systems and refrigerated compartments for their cars. Today’s new cars are accommodating the desires of car buffs everywhere, providing an assortment of gadgets and good stuff that few of us heard about just a few years ago.

But, not every gadget or tech item is finding its way into factory-built models. That is understandable given the large variety of products available. Keyless entry, voice activated talk and blind spot warning systems are items with a broad appeal, while an engine performance monitor are left to the aftermarket kings to provide.

To that end we’ve tracked down four “must have” car gadgets for today’s drivers:

1. Bluetooth Auto Car Remote Starter — You use Bluetooth, but are you maximizing its potential? This remote starter device enables your Bluetooth to start and stop your car remotely, raise or lower the windows, diagnose engine problems, work as a panic alarm or raise your convertible’s roof when you’re in the home. Control your car from behind the wheel or in the comfort of your recliner with this handy device at your service.

2. iPhone Car Mount — Why leave your iPhone on the passenger seat or have it got tossed around your storage compartment while you’re heading down the road or taking a sharp corner? Clip your iPhone into a bracket and position it in landscape or portrait mode. This device fastens to your windshield and can hold your iPhone within view, allowing you to use it as a GPS device or simply to keep it out of the way.

3. Head’s Up Display — Luxury cars including Lincoln are now offering “head up” displays which place important information on your windshield including your speed, temperature and even driving directions. Sounds pricey, right? Well, for about $100 you can take your little subcompact and do the same, just perfect the person who needs to reference directions frequently, but does not and should not take his eyes off of the road ever.

4. Car Laptop Tray — You’ve seen them in police cruisers and may have wondered if car laptop trays are available for the general public. Yes, they are and they’re perfect for people who work on the road and can’t always wait until they’re in a hotel room or stopped for coffee to check email. Of course, you won’t want to access your computer while driving, but a laptop tray can safely hold your computer in place until you’re ready to access it.

Most gadgets are made by a variety of manufacturers, therefore compare products, price, warranty and color options when shopping. Will these gadgets make your life easier? They can or at least help you find out where you’re going or how to get there.

Source by Matthew Keegan

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