3D Bioprinting Market 2018: Perspective By Growth & Forecast Till 2024

New Research study on “3D Bioprinting Market: Global

Size, Trends, Competitive, Historical & Forecast Analysis, 2018-2024. Increase in tissue &

organ transplantation and rising research & development activities are key drivers for Global 3D

Bioprinting Market.

Scope of Market Reports

3D bio-printing is a new innovative technology in the field of tissue engineering and involves

the identification of the key architectural and compositional components of a target tissue for

creating a design that can be utilized by a bio-printer so as to generate that tissue in a

laboratory environment. 3D bioprinting technologies have wide range of clinical and research

applications and its advent has led to a significant advancement in the manufacture of large

bioartificial organs such as the bones, livers, hearts, cartilages and skins with heterogenic

compositions. So, during the study of Global 3D Bioprinting market, we have considered 3D

Bioprinting products and consumables to analyze the market.

Global 3D Bioprinting Market report is segmented on the basis of Technology type, Material

type, Application Type and by regional & country level. Based on Technology type global 3D

Bioprinting Market is classified as Inkjet-Based, Extrusion-Based, Laser-Based, Photo

polymerization, Electron Based and others. Based upon Material type, global 3D Bioprinting

Market is classified as Living Cells, Extracellular Matrices, Hydrogels and others. Based upon

Application type, global 3D Bioprinting Market is classified as Clinical and Research.

The regions covered in this 3D Bioprinting Market report are North America, Europe, AsiaPacific

and Rest of the World. On the basis of a country level, market of 3D Bioprinting is sub

divided into U.S., Mexico, Canada, U.K., France, Germany, Italy, China, Japan, India, South East

Asia, GCC, Africa, etc.

Market Segment: By Top Manufacturers

â–ª 3d Bioprinting Solutions

â–ª 3d Biotek

â–ª Advanced Biomatrix

â–ª Biobots

â–ª Cellink

â–ª Cyfuse Biomedical K.K

â–ª Envisiontec

â–ª Insphero

â–ª Shining 3d Tech

â–ª 3d Systems

â–ª Avita Medical

â–ª Bespoke Innovations

â–ª Autodesk

â–ª Envisiontec

â–ª DigiLab Inc

â–ª Rainbow Biosciences…
â–ª Osteopore International

â–ª Tissue Regeneration System

â–ª Advanced Solution Lifesciences

â–ª MicroFab Technologies Inc.

â–ª Envision TEC

â–ª Seraph Robotics

â–ª Cmc Microsystems

â–ª United Therapeutics

â–ª Tevido Biodevices

â–ª Bio3d Technologies

â–ª Helisys Inc.

â–ª Insphero Ag

â–ª BD Biosciences

â–ª Nano3d Biosciences, Inc.

â–ª Organovo Holdings, Inc.

â–ª Regenhu Ltd.

â–ª Aspect Biosystems Ltd.

â–ª Cellink Ab

â–ª Regenovo Biotechnology Co. Ltd.

â–ª 3dynamic Systems Ltd.

â–ª Poietis

â–ª Others

Market Segment on the basis of Material Analysis, the report covers:

â–ª Living Cells

â–ª Extracellular Matrices

â–ª Hydrogels

â–ª Others

Market Segment on the basis of by Application, the report covers:

â–ª Clinical applications:

â–ª Tissue And Organ Transplantation

â–ª Medical Testing

â–ª Others

â–ª Research applications

â–ª Tissue Models

â–ª Drug Discovery

â–ª Food and Animal Products

â–ª Others

Market Segment on the basis of by Region, the report covers:

â–ª North America

â–ª U.S.

â–ª Mexico

â–ª Canada

â–ª Europe

â–ª UK

â–ª France

â–ª Germany

â–ª Italy

â–ª Asia Pacific

â–ª China

â–ª Japan

â–ª India

â–ª Southeast Asia

â–ª Latin America

â–ª Brazil

â–ª The Middle East and Africa

â–ª GCC

â–ª Africa

â–ª Rest of Middle East and Africa

List of Chapters:

1. Report Methodology

2. Introduction

3. Executive Summary

4. Market Analysis

5. Global Summary

6. By Product

7. Application Analysis

8. Manufacturer Analysis

9. Regional Analysis

10. Company Profiles

This comprehensive report will provide:

â–ª Enhance your strategic decision making

â–ª Assist with your research, presentations and business plans

â–ª Show which emerging market opportunities to focus on

â–ª Increase your industry knowledge

â–ª Keep you up-to-date with crucial market developments

â–ª Allow you to develop informed growth strategies

â–ª Build your technical insight

â–ª Illustrate trends to exploit

â–ª Strengthen your analysis of competitors

â–ª Provide risk analysis, helping you avoid the pitfalls other companies could make

â–ª Ultimately, help you to maximize profitability for your company.

Source by Alan Ruffalo

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