3 Hot New Wii Game Previews

The Wii released by Nintendo in 2006 is a home video game console. Today, the Wii has broken all selling records and it leads the generation over the Xbox and the PlayStation 3. The most distinct feature of the console is the Wii controller or Remote, which is a wireless connector provided and can be used as a pointing device handheld and can be used in three dimensions. Another remarkable feature is Wii connect 24 which allows it to receive updates and messages from the internet while it is in the standby mode.

Monster Hunter Tri is a popular game which was launched by Wii in mid 2009 in Japan followed by releases in other countries in the year 2010. Monster game is just not a game but truly a full existence. It is based on hunters in a small settlement ranging back to strong prehistoric times. Man has been portrayed as the tiny cog of natural hierarchy of being eaten and eating. The basics of the game revolves around perfect and proper handling of weapons and tools as one battles through beasts and lizards. The game is truly a unique type and offers the gamers a incredible experience as they try their hands on mixing potions, gathering raw materials and incredible variety of armor and weapons.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is another game which being developed by Nintendo for the Wii. The game ranking has ranked this as the second best review Wii game. The game has been praised by various reviews for its creativity and technical improvements over the original. The game makes use of same planets and galaxy as its predecessor Super Mario Galaxy 1. Super Mario Galaxy 2 has been updated with new power ups and gravity effects. One has to travel from galaxy to galaxy in the starship Mario and battle its way through 5 different levels. The game is no doubt much difficult than the earlier launch but there are lot better controls in the game which bounds the gamer to play till the end, when a huge beast Rollodillo has to be fought with.

Metroid Other M is one of the games launched by Nintendo Wii which still remains a popular choice among the gamers irrespective of other varied new launches. And the most remarkable feature of the game is that users have the option to choose between 3D and 2D game mode. The plot of the game rests between the Super Metroid and the Metroid Fusion. The game play of the Wii game is very impressive and nice. A user gets to experience the action game fully. Some fights with tough enemies also require switching between 2D and 3D mode to win over them and thus demanding prompt action from the gamer.

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